At Kidz n Kin we are committed to promoting and encouraging healthy development in children from birth to the early years.  Our Bumpz to Babiez offers a rolling programme of information for expectant families focusing on pregnancy, birth, health and wellbeing and practical support too.

Children start learning about food at a very early age and the messages they receive during this time pave their future choices.  Our Wean The Weanz weaning workshops help us promotive positive and informed choices to families with young children and encourage healthy food choices at an early age.

Following on from this our Fivez 4 Fridayz sessions offer free fruit and veg to children to encourage them to try new foods and our workshops offer children the chance to explore food through creative cooking and food preparation.  To ensure the whole family eat healthy our cooking on a budget classes are a great introduction to new recipes at low costs that can be re-created at home.

To ensure the whole family eat healthy, our ‘Kitchin Kin’ workshops are a great introduction to practical cooking with lots of new recipes that can be re-created at home.

Kidz Knashers  works alongside this and is a fun oral health initiative educating children 0-5 years, parents, mums to be and careres about positive oral hygiene.  This is achieved through fun play, dental props and a reward based system which is unique and engaging for little ones and adults.

We work collaboratively with statutory and third sector organisations to offer a wide range of community activities for families including Sling Libraries/Meets, Speech & Language Therapy sessions, Home Teaching for Children with Additional Support Needs as well as First Aid for Dads